Thursday, 24 February 2011

Is it just me....?

Should the government be held responsible for laying on transport at taxpayer expense to lift the very many ex-pats who appear to have been living and working in Libya supporting the Ghaddafi regime? Surely these people made an informed choice when they decided to go and take the gruesome despots cash in return for services rendered?

Everyone knows Ghaddafi's track record of unstable behaviour so in my book if you take the cash you take the risk. After all the minute that they made their decision to work in Libya they became part of the problem. I just hope that these people paid well over the odds for the government sponsored flights and Royal Navy accommodation because most of them could probably afford it. I can think of no other reason for working in Libya.

We are fast becoming a nation of greedy whingers with little moral compass. We have far too many grabbing money from anywhere and on any pretence regardless of the merits of their salary. I suppose that this stems from the Political Class and The Bonus Class but the nation is suffering as a result. When are we going to see some moral leadership?


Julian said...

It isn't just you. But sometimes I think there are only two of us!

bewick said...

Nor is it just you and your brother Julian.
Most of us think that.
I have a friend who worked in the offshore oil industry - North Sea.
He isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but earned seriously well. He had long periods at home because of his "shifts" but paid his taxes. His company paid his travel expenses.

Circa 1990 I was about to sign a consultancy sub contract to work for Kuwaiti banks. It would pay serious tax free money if I limited my time in the UK.
Sadam invaded and the contract disappeared.
Fact is though that such contracts pay so much that it is self-financing to pay for family holidays away from the UK on a regular basis. That prevents exceeding the allowed limit of days in the UK and hence avoids UK tax. Most of these people would otherwise be paying 50% tax.

Of course they should pay.