Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The English Defence League!

I am at this moment watching the leader of the English Defence League rippimg Jeremy Paxman apart! He is out talking the great socialist BBC guru and he has been taken off air.

I have no idea who he is but he put on an iconic performance because he blitzed Paxo and challenged Islam and modern society. This young man in a few minutes did more for our Council Estates than any politician has done in twenty years.

Nobody in politics is interested  in improving the lot of the 'slumdogs' because they do not count in society. The only time that they ever emerge is on 'The Jeremy Kyle Show' or 'Tricia' on Channel Five which causes most of us to change channel, but for some people this is the norm and the English Defence League has stepped in to represent them!

Heaven help us! We have millions of uneducated, unrepresented and underprivileged people who suddenly have found a guru... a guy from their ranks who understands their  fears. Whoops this could be serious!


mimpromptu said...

That's not how I interpret last night's conversation between Paxo and S. Lennon but rather suspect that Jeremy has pointed Stephen (despite the legitimity of some of the reasons for his defence of the English) in the direction of deeper thought who kept making sweeping generalisations about both Koran and sexual abuse by Islamists as if there were no English paedophiles and rapists, etc. And don’t forget that JP, as quite a few other so-called ‘celebs’ do help the homeless not only by donating money but also direct involvement.

bryboy said...

Tks for your contribution mimpromptu and I respect your views. I would like to add however, that today (3 Feb) the Daily Mail columnist Ephraim Hardcastle writes 'he (Jeremy Paxman) let an articulate English Defence League leader Stephen Lennon, of whom he plainly disapproved, get the better of him on Tuesday night.'

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if Ephram said better.
And it doesn't mean I shall cange my views
On this piece of news.
SL seemed to repeat some mantra
With a lot of confidence but too much intransigence.
And anyway, I didn't think they were in a fight
With Paxo simply asking if SL was sure that he was quite right in his views on Koran and the abysses.


Anonymous said...

Paxo is past his sell by date

mimpromptu said...

is he now, 'uncle'?
too old to think, too old to wink
or perhaps too old to wear any pink?
Plus, I didn't realise he was a product lying in a fridge compartment
or on a shelf now too old even for a supermarket sale