Sunday, 28 November 2010

Coalition Politics

And while I am at it on this cold and frosty morning am I alone on thinking that Coalition Ministers are beginning to resemble NoLab Ministers. Marr also had Andrew Lansley on his show and he is the Health Minister. He is supposed to be a know the kind of guy who doesn't want the State to run your life!

If even half the problems highlighted by the mainstream media in the National Health Service are true then Lansley has got a really difficult task ahead of him. Nursing for example has, in so many hospitals, reached crisis point where care seems to have been superceded by record keeping. Certainly leadership and discipline appears to have vanished from so many of our wards and I have witnessed that.

So what is concerning Mr Lansley? He is concerned about the colour of cigarette packets! I ask you what planet are they on? He had a huge opportunity to launch a radical plan to bring back care on the wards and dwells on fag packets. Perhaps he could use them to jot down a few ideas which would help the electorate?

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