Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Labour Leadership

I have just watched Alan Johnson on the Andrew Marr Show and I doubt if I have ever heard so many soundbytes and platitudes in such a short space of time. This man is so glib that they all trip off his tongue at the mere hint of a difficult question.

He talks about eradicating poverty and a fair society as if he were a new kid on the block not one of those who after 13 years in government ruined the country's economy. I sat open mouthed at his nerve and at the ineptitude of Marr for accepting all his nonsense without question. But then this is the Beeb after all!

What I find mind boggling about the Labour Leadership is the total absence of an actual policy. They never propose a plan of action. Their cupboard is bare of ideas because if they haven't got our money to waste then there is no plan. Now they have spent the money then there is nothing left. This is why Ed Milliband is facing a blank sheet of paper and by the sound of it it will remain blank for some considerable time.

Maybe he should start with 'the eradication of poverty' and then ask his 'mate' Alan Johnson how he intends to do it!

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