Thursday, 23 December 2010

Well done Wiltshire Police!

Hardly had I finished slagging off the Bonus Class when one of them has amazed me! Wiltshire police have sacked the bullying police Sergeant Mark Andrews even though a court found him not guilty on appeal.

I can rarely remember the Bonus Class doing the 'right' thing as can be witnessed by the Court of Appeal who exhonerated him after his shocking attack on a small woman in the police cells which was caught on CCTV. That was a typical example of the Bonus Class proving that they always look after their own.

So well done to someone down in Wiltshire! This is the type of decision that gives us back faith that good people do exist even though it is surprisingly rare in the modern UK.


Roy said...

It was the Wiltshire plods wot done it!

bryboy said...

Ooops! Tks Roy good on yer!