Friday, 3 December 2010

Why does everyone hate the English?

After the humiliation of our best effort being almost ignored by the FIFA committee when most people knew that we have better facilities and more experience at international level than Russia we must accept that it was a deliberate snub. It seems apparent that certain FIFA delegates promised us their vote and then reneged on the promise so we must face the fact that we are, for whatever reason, disliked in the footballing world but does it go further than that?

The Scots, the Welsh and the Irish certainly don't view England with any warmth. The Muslim community while welcoming our money demonstrate noisily at every opportunity against this country.

Despite the sacrifices of all our troops the Afghans, according to Wikileaks, don't really want us there and who could argue against that. The only people who want us in Afghanistan are a few politicians who can't seal our borders and prefer sacrificing soldiers.

Again according to Wikileaks the Americans don't think that we have done a very good job in Helmand Province and they are supposed to be our closest ally. Certainly we seem to have few friends in Europe as we have ignored the Euro and kept the pound.

We continue, despite cuts in every government department, to fund an enormous Foreign Aid programme and what do we get back from it. On the surface I think that we are just throwing good money after bad and hopefully after his humiliation at the hands of Sepp Blatter and his gang David Cameron will revisit this hopeless waste of money.

We are losing respect everywhere and the decommissioning of the Ark Royal is another example of how weak we have become. I just wish that David Cameron was 'a child of Thatcher' but he most certainly isn't and I fear that we have not had a decent leader since she was betrayed.

It is high time that we got off the world stage and concentrated on our own people. Clearly we are not wanted on it and Gordon Brown and the EU have ensured that we can't afford it.

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Julian said...

I think you're basically right, but the reason Russia got the World Cup was they took the attitude "money is no object" and no doubt palms were greased.

Prince Andrew was reported as "rude" in one of the Wikileaks revelations but from what I read of what he was saying he understood how business is done in certain parts of the world. The trouble with Britain has always been we still try to play "fair" while everyone else plays to win.