Sunday, 21 November 2010

The European Union and its currency

Anybody who regularly visits this blog will know that I am an implacable enemy of the EU mainly because I see it as a socialist conspiracy. We were all conned into voting for it originally as it was presented as a Common Trading Market and it has since developed into a monster, swallowing huge sums of money which cannot be traced.

It has never passed an audit which I believe actually makes it illegal and yet so many of our politicians want you to believe that if you oppose this ridiculous union then you must be quite close to committing treason. We have never been granted a referendum on any of the changes which led to the political union and if any member state votes against it they are either ignored or told to vote again.

I cannot believe how they get away with it! But hold on... the Euro appears to be in real trouble thanks to some of the weaker member states who have actually wrecked their economies like socialists always do. Greece and Ireland are having to be bailed out by other member states (well Germany and the UK actually) to the tune of billions and billions!

Now way back in the last century Margaret Thatcher actually told anyone who would listen that a common currency for a variety of countries who had vastly different economies was not viable. Every man and his political dog rushed to denigrate her opinion and lo and behold she was right!

We, the British public, having just been forced to accept probably the worst cuts in our public services in living memory, thanks to our own socialists, are now being told that, as a member state, we must bail out Ireland even though we are not in the euro! It is amazing how the British puggy up every time someone fouls up.

You will remember that the Irish actually voted not to join the EU but were told to vote again until they got it right. Now they are paying the price for their weakness because once they have accepted the inevitable they cease to exist as an independent country. What price Irish heroes now? All that murder, torture and criminality for nothing. Perhaps the relatives of Captain Nairac and so many other dead British soldiers will raise a glass.

There will be much more of this but the more compelling question is whether the western economy will survive? I find it unbelievable that all these rich countries are being brought to their knees by some kind of weird banking crisis. It just isn't credible. Somebody is engineering a megacrisis from above. Don't ask me who is pulling the strings but please don't meekly accept what the politicians tell you.

Ever since the EU came into existance we have been under attack. Human Rights, Mass Immigration, Crooked Bankers... it only happens to us. If we need a public service it is never available but when the politicians want a service it is always available...through the EU of course. Get real folks!

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