Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A Blank Sheet

It was probably just an unfortunate lapse but then when you lead a political party you should pay attention to what you say. Ed Milliband, who has been busier changing nappies recently than leading his party, declared that when discussing future party policies he would start with 'a blank page'.

Well no surprise there then! Many of us reckon that it just about sums up the contribution of the NoLab leadership in recent years. They continually chunter on criticising The Coalition but they have completely run out of ideas. That is the problem with socialists, if they have to stop spending money that they haven't got, then they are clueless.

Now the books are being written spilling the beans about all the poisonous backbiting which the socialists are famed for. They are still fighting like ferrets in a sack and I suspect that Ed Milliband will have to watch his back at every turn.

I really don't know how they do it. Nobody actually seems to like anyone else and yet they smile blandly pretending that they are all on the same side. They spend so much time plotting against each other that they don't have time to achieve anything. Their whole philosophy is so vaccuous that it is laughable and yet so many people cannot recognise how bad they are.

I have to laugh because now that they are out of power they all jump on the bandwagon. There is a serialisation currently being aired in 'The Daily Mail' exposing the plotting that didn't happen behind Gordon Brown's back! Apparently they all agreed (possibly after a few glasses of socialist champagne around at Hattie's pad) that Gordon was useless and had to go. Fair enough even they got that bit right but how could they do it and who does it?

This is the funny bit! Jack Straw bottled it (Ha!). Mad Hattie arranged it and then ducked under the table and they all left it to Pat Hewitt and Geoff Hoon to be the fall guys! Of course the plan failed as it was always destined to do because Gordon frightened the 's**t out of them. Well he was rather unpredictable and he did employ an army of thugs to watch his back.

Do you know if a talented scriptwriter wrote a parody about the NoLab party it would be regarded as being too far fetched. This is the party of the working class, the party created by courageous men and women to improve the lives of the poor people and they all end up quaffing champagne at Mad Hattie's pad!

My grandfather would rather have died at the Somme. My father would never believe the shame of this bunch of upper class twits and lower class thugs. The Labour movement is no more but how does one convince people who don't want to think about it?


Julian said...

Hmm. Someone said before the election that whoever won power would have to take measures so unpopular that when their term was up they would be out of power for a generation. Cameron has roped in the Lib Dems so they will both get the blame for the misery. The electorate has short memories. So all Ed and his crew will have to do is smile and promise the earth and they'll be back!

bryboy said...

That's a very good point Julian and the only way to combat it will be if The Coalition succeed to reverse the damage left by the last government. It does concern me however, that the public will have short memories. To return a party which did so much damage would be national suicide!