Monday, 13 December 2010

The suicide bomber in Stockholm lived in Luton!!

Time after time the conservative majority in this country, The Paying Class,know instinctively that the law is not representing them. We know that admitting such a large number of people unable or unwilling to adapt to our culture was a mistake. In my opinion, as you would expect from a Meldrew, it has all been deliberate.

Many of the more militant settled in Luton and since then Luton has symballised Muslim militancy. It was emphasised when the local Muslims barracked returning soldiers from Afghanistan in a much publicized demonstration.

Most of us know that we are courting trouble unless we tackle this nonsense. Veils and the burkha have no place in this country. So was it any surprise to learn that the guy who blew himself up in Stockholm lived in Luton?

Already we are being seduced to believe that Luton is a 'nice' place and a pillar of 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism'. The community all rub along as one happy family. Yeah and the flying pink pigs have lift off!

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