Thursday, 9 December 2010

Anarchy on the streets?

Well I suppose it had to happen but I don't like what is happening. The British public should have taken to the streets during the Brown premiership but unfortunately only the left wing have the organisation to bring large groups of people onto the streets to disrupt our lives.

This is a major attempt by the Unions to bring down the Coalition. They are using the students to further their aims. They have spread a false dissemination of the facts and the young are so gullible that they swallow almost anything.

Don't get me wrong because I don't believe that the young should pay for their education. Education is a right and if we stopped our Foreign Aid contributions and our payments to the illegal European Union then all our kids would get that free education.

However, we cannot allow these 'kids' to disrupt the capital on such a regular basis and when they start attacking Prince Charles then heads must roll. This could continue almost every week and one day it will get serious. Somebody will get killed and then it will be 'game on'. At the present moment it is being contained but this is just sparring. When the left choose their moment then all hell will be let loose. It is so obvious what the unions are planning but we, the British public, are so complacent and so trusting.

This is really no game. We could soon be fighting for the future of our grandchildren. I have blogged continually and relentlessly that this country is under attack from so many sides that we should really be alarmed.

Today was just the beginning of what could be a regular battle on the streets of London. Then it will spread to the provincial cities and one day it will come to you! Unless we crush it now we could be in for a helluva future.

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