Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Class System

I grew up within a well defined class system. We had the Upper Class (the Aristocracy), the Middle Class (the Professionals) and the Working Class (people who grafted for a living). We all understood the differentials and frankly were reasonably happy with it. These days however it has struck me that we have a different class system brought about by politics.

Now we still have a class system but it has changed. Today we have The Political Class, the Criminal Class and the Paying Class Let me explain....

The Political Class leech off public funds. They contribute nothing to the economy and yet they decide everything. They all support the European Union even though it cannot pass an audit because it requires so much money in order to reward its supporters. Anyone who unreservedly supports the EU is rewarded with buckets of money.

This is the Political Class and if you want to join it then you need the ability to lie without a conscience. You also must acquire the ability to smile at your enemies whilst planning to stab them in the back. You will be amoral, corrupt and immoral! If you are a ruthless, traitoress, bastard who has no scruples whatsoever then you will be perfect for the Political Class.

Then we have the Criminal Class. Well in this society they do want they want. They have no commercial skill, no education and are worthless to society. There is however a lot of them and they all claim benefits, they also all have kids and most of them take drugs.

They are the dregs of society who don't give a S**t. Their kids disrupt every classroom and their language, behaviour and attitude shame the country. They regularly go to prison which isn't a problem because we cannot find a Lord Chancellor/Justice MInister who is up to the job. Ken Clarke is a joke...and not a very funny joke!

And then we have know the taxpayer, the honest, law abiding prats who pay for everything. We are the Paying Class! We are the long suffering people who cannot see ourselves in either of the Political Class or the Criminal Class.

We disagree with almost everything that the Political Class feeds us. We hate the EU because we inherently know that it will squander our money. They won't give us a vote on the EU because that would let the cat out of the bag. None of the Paying Class want what the Political Class have in store for us.

We also hate how the Political Class accept the Criminal Class and pander to them. It is unbelievable how they have come up with a buffoon like Ken Clarke to thwart justice.
We despise their immigration policies and despair on their multicultural experiment.

We may soon also have a Student Class borne out of the Political Class and the Criminal Class and still we pay for the damage, the policing (yeah right) and the disruption. The Political Class and the Criminal Class organise everything. They are actually in a minority, a really big minority but then the majority are too busy working and paying for their extravagances.

I will it say only I won't I will continue to say it ... we need a Workers Party...a real Workers Party not a Socialist experiment. We need a Payers Party. A Party who will represent the vast majority of the the Tax payers. We need a Payers Party someone who will represent the people who pay the bills!

Hell how much longer do we have to wait before someone comes along with the charisma and authority to organise the revolution that we all need? It just takes one step...surely somebody wants this opportunity to save the country. Surely somebody can seize the moment and yet it appears that everyone capable is so scared of the EU. The EU has seized everyone to such an extent that every politician in the land has ceased to function.

Perhaps Hitler and Stalin were wasting their time. They had the wrong approach. Money is the root of all evil and perhaps now the Rothschilds rule the world! Maybe they will employ me...but then I am too old but my grandaughters are of my gene!

I dread to think of what is ahead for them.

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