Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mike Hancock MP and the Political Class!

Mike Hancock has a reputation. He has been a LibDem MP for a Portsmouth constituency for some time and always rumours have followed him around. Very recently he had adverse publicity surrounding him regarding a vulnerable, female constituent and if I was organising a spy mission on behalf of any country in the world I would target Mike Hancock.

All of a sudden he is seen with a beautiful, YOUNG, Russian female who he accepts as a researcher/assistant/colleague! It is ridiculous but is he not typical of our Political Class? So many of them are dodgy, corrupt, devious and unscrupulous. They have never got the message that they do not have a divine right to fleece the public.

Currently we have a handful of MPs facing a criminal court. There should be so many more over this second house fiasco and if David Cameron really means that he wishes to sort out the expenses scandal then he should implement a bomb proof expenses system.

I have a suggestion. If expenses are not what can be claimed normally in public service then they should be disallowed. Sorry but you know the deal. Why should the public pay for your mortgage/furniture/accessories/SKY TV/food/duck ponds etc etc! It is not on and it has to be sorted. There are too many Mike Hancocks in the House of Commons and they should be rooted out. Phil Woolass has gone and good riddance but there are still a job lot waiting to be caught out.

I await the exposure with relish... Yeah!

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