Thursday, 2 December 2010

World Cup 2018

Well I did tell you yesterday that Russia would win the vote from the esteemed committee that governs who gets the World Cup. The day after Wikileaks suggests that there is a strong link between the Kremlin and the Russian crime syndicates it surprises me not one jot that Russia won the vote.

They wrap it all up with words like history, culture and sport but I still believe that our slush fund just isn't large enough for this game. I doubt if we will ever see the World Cup in England again and we shouldn't waste any more time on it.

Ha! Ha! As I am writing this post Sepp Blatter has just announced that bloody Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup! Can you credit that? Qatar is probably the most unsuitable country in the world to host a major event purely on the grounds of climate if nothing else. However, this rich little oil state would of course possess a huge slush fund capable of greasing so many palms.

Don't tell me that the Panorama programme was out of line. They were spot on and probably didn't quite get to the full extent of the problem.

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