Wednesday, 1 December 2010

World Cup 2018

I have just seen quite a sad sight on the national news. It was the sight of an aged Sir Bobby Charlton backing our bid for the 2018 World Cup Finals. He was the most magnificent player the like of which we have never seen again. To see him croaking with hands shaking was to me unnecessary.

This country is the home of football. Our heartbeat is football and we have everything necessary to stage a really professional World Cup. If that so called World Cup committee, who have been accused of corruption, cannot see that we are far, far, better placed than say South Africa to stage a large event then we know that unsavoury motives are involved.

There has to be a reason that this country has not been granted a World Cup final and I can only surmise that we don't have a large enough slush fund. To my mind the result is a foregone conclusion because Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader, didn't even bother to attend. We sent political royalty, constitutional royalty and footballing royalty and I think it will be ignored!

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