Friday, 19 November 2010

I got Reviewed...!

Wow! I got reviewed by someone who looks at blogs and accordingly thought of this crazy little hobby as something worth commenting on. I really am quite chuffed because it began as an antedote to the frustration that consumed me whenever I saw the greed, the corruption and the arrogance of the Political Class.

I was spawned as a child of a socialist family. My family were Clydeside communists and my beloved grandfather was almost a founder member of the Independent Labour Party. As such he was a genuine conscientious objector but when push came to shove he was eventually forced to join the Cameronians where he was the only member of his school class to survive the Great War.

My great grandfather won a silver kettle for being the best marksman in The Cameronians; a regiment known for marksmen. I still have the medal and the inscribed kettle. I served for 25 years with the Royal Artillery and the Intelligence Corps and my son was a Paratrooper.

My family have served this country and so I believe that I have a right to comment on the utter depravity which pervades our so called Political Class. My review describes this blog as not for the f(e)aint hearted but then I only tell it as it is. I have no axe to grind and all my friends who read my ramblings have yet to blank me.

Indeed I am the President of my local bowls club (for the second time) so I have some measure of respect in my local community. I really appreciate that someone somewhere has stumbled across my personal attack on the people who are trying to destroy the freedom that my granddaughters should enjoy.

The day that they can leave their front door and play in the streets like I did then that will be the day that I stop shouting. What kind of society have we created that imprisons our children? Why in our so called democratic society can our children not run free? That is the crucial question which should face our Political Class.

Our Political Class have actually created a society where our children are imprisoned and yet nobody will address this question. Will someone please address it? When my beloved youngsters can leave their front door, protected by the police, protected by the government and protected by our pathetic judicial system then I will rest peacefully.

Until then you bastards I will expose everything that you hold dear. This has always been the purpose of this blog! Comments are welcome!

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