Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Consequences....!

Is it not heartbreaking watching the parents of their missing daughter confronting the media in the hope that their appearance will bring her back. They clearly believe that she has been abducted and their grief will never be understood by the Political Class.

I am sorry but the only reason we have such awful crime in this country is because we have a Political Class who will not punish wrongdoers. We must begin to confront the Criminal Class because until we do we will have the embarrassing spectacle of the poor parents grieving over the disappearance of their daughter. I cannot even envisage their agony!

Despite their high profile performance their agony is being reflected all over the land. This is a really shocking case but it is also shocking when your child is killed trying to fetch milk. All over this country the Criminal Class are winning the war. The Political Class refuse to address our fears and the Bonus Class refuse to protect us.

We were a really decent people until we were attacked by socialists with an agenda that most of us will never understand. This agenda was exposed slightly today when Tommy Sheridan, a well known socialist activist, was found guilty of perjury. I could not believe that suddenly people realised that Tommy was a liar. He has built a career on telling lies. He has grown rich on his lies.

In my opinion every Union leader is a liar and every Socialist supporter has an agenda which frankly does not favour this country. We have a war on our hands but unfortunately the people who will be conquered do not even realise that they are under attack.

I know...I am a nutter...I am the type of person who should be sectioned...but I recognise the threat and it is very difficult to articulate the threat when nobody wants to listen.

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