Thursday, 18 November 2010

How can he be found not guilty?

Do you remember the case of the Wiltshire custody Sergeant who lost his temper and bodily threw a woman into a cell after dragging her across the station floor? He was videoed on CCTV and the outcome was that her face was bashed in when she landed on the cell floor. My Gawd we could see the blood drippin onto the cell floor!

The whole episode shocked anyone who watched it because frankly it was abuse of power. Even his police chief condemned the act and openly stated that the sergeant would lose his job.

Well we forgot that this is Britain 2010 and even this guy could appeal and guess what...I know that you don't need me to tell you... he was cleared and can continue to bully the public. Disgust is too polite a word! What kind of judge could watch that video and then decide that the custody sergeant was not guilty of absolutely crass behaviour?

When will The Political Class realise that this kind of judgement offends any decent minded person? Will it ever end?

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