Monday, 13 December 2010

Justice for All!

I have always believed that Ken Clarke should have been pensioned off years ago. It does not surprise me that he is an arch Europhile because he has that arrogance that few can credit. He has a habit of talking over people when he hears anything that opposes his own views.

For years he has been elected as a Conservative MP even though everything he supports is anything but conservative. He is actually a rabid socialist as his recent pronouncements on our justice system have proven. Even as weak as our justice system has become Ken Clarke wants to weaken it further and has drawn up plans to support The Criminal Class.

Whenever the subject of prison is discussed we always hear the word 'rehabilitation' used to excuse weakness. I have know quite a few reformed jailbirds and without exception they rehabilitated themselves. They decided that they no longer wished to spend time behind bars and they and they alone set about reforming their criminal past.

I would accept shorter sentences if they were rough sentences. Prisons must be a deterrent and clearly at the moment they are far too cushy and far too lax. The ready availability of drugs is a nonsense which should be addressed. The reoffending rate is the yardstick around which any future plans should be drawn. If criminals are returning time after time then the justice system is failing the law abiding. That should be the criteria that nutty Ken should be addressing not his own crazy socialist agenda.

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