Tuesday, 30 November 2010


How often have I blogged about Pakistan? The world continues to be concerned about North Korea which remains isolated. The middle eastern states are clearly concerned about the possibility that Iran is developing a nuclear capability and yet nobody appeared to be concerned about Pakistan. Wikileaks has today disclosed the powers do have discomfort about the Pakistani nuclear capability and about time too.

Damned right they are concerned! Pakistan has long been a pariah on the international market and they have the nuclear capability. They are the sole access for the Muslim terrorist. The Muslim cause is so violent, so prevalent and so all consuming to so many who follow the teachings of the Koran that it must be regarded as dangerous.

When so many followers are prepared to die for their cause and they are prepared to use mass murder as their medium then we must guard against any access to nuclear weaponry.

Someone, somewhere should ensure that the access to nuclear weaponry in Pakistan is so tight, so locked down and so inaccessible that no Muslim terrorist can get near it. I am really concerned that this access will not be safeguarded. This is Pakistan after all and they have a nuclear capability. Time to really worry folks!

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