Sunday, 28 November 2010

Human Rights

I will never understand how we vote in well over 600 members to the House of Westmonster and only a few of them actually seem to matter. In the lead up to the General Election I distinctly heard David Cameron questioning the European Human Rights Act which Tony Blair adopted on our behalf.

It is probably the most pernicious piece of legislation ever introduced into our constitution and and has actually turned what was up until then was a fairly even handed judicial system on its head. Case after case flounders in our courts because of this piece of judicial nonsense and yet nobody challenges its existence.

Just what is it about our MPs that the minute they get elected they lose all courage. They lose their sense of justice and they lose their moral outrage. It is quite clear that the Human Rights Act protects the criminal. Our jails are full of foreign criminals who for one reason of another 'cannot' be deported. If we did deport those who do not deserve our largesse then we could then begin to jail our own felons.

Our prison population has only been monumental since good old Tony decided that he would ruin our justice system but that brings me back to the original question. Why can't we find a single MP who will stand up in parliament and demand the removal of the Human Rights Act from the statute books and more importantly why do our political elite want to retain it?

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