Thursday, 25 November 2010

Student Riots!

Am I alone in believing that the modern day student is being manipulated by the political left wing? They along with union activists are the one group that can regularly be persuaded to march on the streets. The other grouping are Muslim activists but that is another question.

The National Union of Students has always been an arm of left wing politics which is probably natural as young people like to be revolutionary before they mature. Even so the modern NUS appears to be in the hands of political activists who are not averse to a spot of violence.

The destruction of a police vehicle highlighted yesterday's student protest one day after a student was charged with pelting the police with a fire extinguisher. Now I realise that not all modern students are brainless morons but unfortunately when a nation gives access to higher education to huge numbers of youngsters on the grounds of dodgy grades then it is likely that some will not cut the mustard.

I believe that the vast majority of students don't really appreciate the facts behind their marches. They have been fed socialist propaganda which manifests itself in small towns like mine when the local university buffoons marched onto the HQ of the local Tory MP. Nowhere else just that one target.

Don't get me wrong today's student has a lot to get angry about. They should be marching about their education because they have been short changed and manipulated. The problem is they should be addressing their grievances to the Students Union and the Teacher's Union not allowing themselves to be conned that it is the fault of everyone else!

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