Thursday, 30 December 2010

Here we go again!

It is somewhat ironic that the people who probably get soaked more than any other nation in the world, the Irish, are queueing for a meagre supply of drinking water supplied to them by Scotland!

It truly is an astonishing state of affairs but once again it highlights the inability of the Political Class and the Bonus Class to run anything for the Paying Class. In Northern Ireland of course many of them were formerly of the Criminal Class so it is no surprise to discover that they have feathered their own nests first.

The Northern Ireland Water Board is run by the state and consequently it has clearly suffered from a lack of serious investment. After all with so much water pouring out of the skies surely there would never be a shortage of water?

I knew immediately this morning when I saw the Head of the Customer Service Dept 'apologising' on telly for the cock up that It would be catastrophic! They cannot even gestimate when the service will return. If anything has shown that the Bonus Class cannot metaphorically run a piss up in a brewery then this has. Someone should surely resign, but then when so many pigs are feeding from the same trough they will rally around. Resignations? They won't even lose their bonuses!

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