Monday, 20 December 2010

Useless Britain (continued)

This is far worse than anything that even I could envisage. You may realise that I have often held our Political Class to be particularly useless when it comes to future planning. Now (whoopee) the head of the AA has decided that our government may have to plan for the future and prepare for bad winters. That leads me to question what they have been doing so far?

In the meantime the best that the airport authorities at Heathrow can do to help their customers is to ban the SKY news cameras. I heard that Gatwick bought two new snowploughs which has helped keep things going.

It has been left to members of the public to organise accommodation for those stranded at Heathrow and suddenly something is happening to relieve the misery and suffering. The airport authority is apparently doing nothing and saying even less. There appears still to be no information being relayed to passengers who are having to chase and pay for everything themselves.

It is an utter outrage and a national disgrace that we should treat our people like this but it is an indictment on The Political Class. They have allowed the planning, which used to take for granted, to evaporate while they massaged their own egos and fed off the public purse.

We only have ourselves to blame. We allow them to lie, deceive and prosper. If anyone opposes them like UKIP and the BNP we swallow the propaganda and continue to vote for the sleazemongers. I have long thought that in comparison to the BNP the mainstream politicians have far less integrity.

It is in their interest to retain this three party system and maintain a charade of opposition but no matter who forms a government nothing ever changes,

The snow will disappear, spring will arrive and we will continue supporting people who frankly don't give a tuppenny damn about the British people. Only those who had their Christmas ruined by neglect and incompetence will remember this period. One of the reasons that I write this blog is to jog my memory of events as they happen. Looking back now The Political Class has run the country into the ground and it is now beginning to bite!

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