Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Great Westmonster Robbery (continued)

They just don't get it! After all the fuss and after seeing their colleagues in court on criminal charges they are still attempting to claim expenses without the necessary evidence. Today the National Audit Office refused to sign off the accounts appertaining to MPs expenses.

The figures are staggering! The refusal to sign off the accounts relates to over 14 million pounds! Of that I understand that something like 2.6 million has been claimed with absolutely no supporting evidence!

Now let's suppose that to be an MP one must possess a modicum of intelligence so having established that... how come they are submitting claims without receipts or proof of purchase. I mean it really is not rocket science unless of course they are still deliberately trying to circumnavigate the system.

The other matter which insults the intelligence of the public is the claim that MPs don't have line managers who can sign off their claims. Line manager or not the public still need to provide evidence for their claims. It is ridiculous that some of these people are still complaining because they have been prevented from pilfering the public purse.

2.6 Million pounds is a lot of pilfering so perhaps there is room for more of them to face a criminal court!?

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