Monday, 29 November 2010

Corruption in high places...

Is it any surprise that the BBC Panorama team has uncovered corruption in high places amongst the delegates appointed to select the country for future World Cups? Corruption is endemic in high places.

In this country we used to pride ourselves on providing honest men for government but in recent years that has become a falacy. Certainly ever since the inception of the EU honesty has become a joke. For example, to be elected a Euro MP is to be granted a ride on an extravagant gravy train!

Most of us cannot contain our enthusiasm for European elections and yet they are so important. Do any of us understand how these candidates are selected? How many of us know our MEP? The most famous example of this is the election of Cathy Ashton to the role of European Commissioner. Nobody in this country has ever cast a vote for Cathy Ashton. She is a product of the corrupt socialist infrastructure which rewards party loyalists for their slavish loyalty.

'Baroness' Ashton was a former treasurer of the left wing CND so she had paid her dues. She is obviously regarded as a safe pair of hands. The EU is an organisation born out of the Soviet Union so she fitted the bill and it does not surprise me that her mentor was Gordon Brown the pupil of Jack Jones.

MEP's are bribed by huge salaries and even nore extravagant expenses. They are bribed to maintain a travesty of a so called government. The whole purpose of this organisation is the redistribution of wealth. They demand huge sums from their member states so that they can spread socialism across the world.

That is the reason that they cannot pass an audit. Nobody knows who receives money from the EU. Nobody accounts for anything so nothing can be detected. It is an utter joke and yet David Cameron, Nick Clegg, all the NoLab front benchers, William Haig and almost every leading politician are in cahoots to support this left wing organisation.

That is right you read it hear first. I did say David Cameron... because unfortunately he is not a Conservative that we voted for. Unfortunately and I do like his demeanour he is somebody's puppet and that is disturbing.

You will also read that every election pledge that Cameron gave will probably be reneged upon. He grabbed headlines with his promises regarding the Human Rights Act and knife crime and well... who cares he was lying.

I won't even go near Nick Clegg and the socialists don't have a clue so where do we go from here? Panorama should not confine their accusations of corruption to the World Cup panel they should tackle what is so blatantly bloody obvious!

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