Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Emergency Services

Everyone knows that our emergency services are staffed by people who have our very best intentions at heart. Anyone who has been attended by the Paramedics, the Police and the Fire Brigade know that the boys and girls on the front line are frankly the very best that we can offer.

They have a problem however and it has been highlighted at the enquiry into the 7/7 atrocity. They are being led by politically motivated clowns who put political aspirations above the safety of the public. This issue has become so paramount that trained firemen had to watch severely injured passengers stagger out of the black tunnels in the underground and were prevented from helping them.

Now I ask this where we have got? Is this what the Political Class really want? Obviously, it goes with the territory because control is more important than compassion. Does it really matter about the victims when they may have to pay out compensation?

Are our magnificent emergency services really being hamstrung by political correctness and if so why are The Political Class doing nothing to reverse the trend? Some of the people voted for a change from NoLab incompetence and yet so far we have received nothing.

Can we please get our emergency services back to full production? In this cold winter I regularly see the blue lights flashing as they speed to the assistance of us all but please allow them to do their job without political interference! Is that too much to ask?


Julian said...

This is where I feel the emergency services and armed forces should have different rules applied to them. If mistakes are made in the heat of the moment then it is right and proper for inquiries to be held so that lessons can be learned from them. But they should be exempt from prosecution or compensation claims except perhaps if it could be shown that there was deliberate criminal negligence. Our servicemen and women should not have to worry about finding themselves in court being judged on decisions taken in a split second in the heat of the moment by people who have never been in that position and have all the benefit of hindsight.

bryboy said...

I agree entirely because it is the only sensible course of action. The emergency services and the armed forces cannot afford to be neutered by threats of compensation otherwise they would never schieve anything. I just suspect that this has been engineered so that we now have an almost impossible situation.