Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Education and the BBC

This morning the BBC continued its campaign to criticise any attempts by The Coalition to introduce standards back into our education system. I sometimes think that the BBC are the official opposition where so many government matters are concerned. They continually support left wing policies that have failed despite huge sums of money being invested into them.

As usual the BBC invited a serving headteacher to lead the attack on the proposed changes which was tantamount to giving one of the perpetrators of our great education fraud a platform to defend himself. It is people just like him that have put into place a system which limits the opportunites of the poorest in society. They dumbed down the exams and enhanced grades to such an extent that the hardest working and brightest kids find it difficult to rise above the general mediocrity.

The BBC are in danger of showing their hand because instead of being a national institution they are rapidly descending into a force that could be
widely regarded as anti UK. A dangerous game for an organisation which relies on public money to fund its jaundiced activities.

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