Friday, 10 December 2010

Student Riots

I watched the riot leaders, a motley collection of scruffy young people, facing the press on SKY news this morning and what came across was how arrogant they all were. They appeared to be dictating terms to the police and telling us what THEY wanted.

Now I initially had some sympathy with them but they have lost all that because it is clear that they are being manipulated into a huge force for evil by the international marxists. This is not about the increase in student funding or education cuts. This is about attacking any government that does not share their warped values.

They had a reason for rioting when Gordon Brown and his clowns were ruining the country but we didn't hear a peep from them because they were on the winning side. This is about power so I fear that we will have no other recourse than to stop messing around and give these masked young fools some real pain.

They are threatening with a smirk to bring 'a million' onto the streets of London on March 26th. well that has given the government three months to form a plan. Might I suggest that it includes water cannons, tear gas and a lot of violence.

When these smug young idiots decide to take on the state then they must bear full responsibility for their actions. The students must realise that twice they have been given a chance to protest peacefully. Twice they have reneged on the deal and caused unneccessary damage. They should be told that the next time they will obey the rules and if they don't then someone will get hurt and this time it won't just be the police!

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