Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tony he in the dock at last?

The Iraq Enquiry have called Tony Blair for a second grilling. I am not surprised becasue every man and his dog knows that he and his little gang concocted up the Iraq War to support his mate George Bush. It is just my contention but good old Tony was planning his lucrative future by rowing in with the billionaire Bush family.

The fact that British troops would be maimed and killed, that lies were told to justify what was an illegal war and that Bliar stood up in parliament and blatantly lied about intelligence issues is unforgiveable.

He is now a very rich man. He became that rich on the back of the Iraq War. Everybody knows that Tony Bliar used the position of British Prime Minister to feather his own nest. He did it brilliantly and consequently he can sail off into the sunset with enough money to cushion any of his future plans.

The problem is that he lied to almost everyone. He engineered his future and just possibly his future will catch up with him. To be honest I doubt it because the British Political Class have a history of protecting their own. Tony Blair is very clever, he will have developed contacts along the way. He has a finger in every pie. In my humble opinion he is bomb proof.

Our Political Class is so corrupt that this man will be protected by deals under the table, behind closed doors and because money talks. I will be amazed if Blair if pointed towards The Hague but mark my words that is where he belongs!

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