Saturday, 25 December 2010

Boxing Day

I really quite like Boxing Day because the pressure is off. This is a guy talking and the build up to present giving has gone. We have either won or lost but whatever, if you rely on your daughter for advice you will probably back a winner and I did.

Tomorrow us guys are a bit back to normal. Sport is back on the agenda and we normally have a full football programme, usually Horse Racing is back and down under we continue to contest The Ashes.

The ladies in my family concentrate on food and we usually have a cracking lunch. I will have to entertain the girls which I love but I always have one eye on the game at Pride Park Derby. One good consequence of this really bad weather is that the Kempton Park race meeting featuring the King George VI champion chase has been put back one day! Yippee!

Horse racing is a passion of mine. I have had a great season recently and I have often thought of opening up this blog to my thoughts on betting. I was at one time what the Intelligence Corps described as an 'Analyst' and I was in love with the job. When I left the forces only horse racing replaced the buzz.

And so back to Sky TV and the Ashes series...and we have just won the toss!

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covnitkepr1 said...

My how I loved boxing(notice I said LOVED as in past tense. I would stay up late to watch it on the TV and then that night I would fight in my sleep and hammer the wife. I don't believe in seperate I gave up boxing. Must be love huh?
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