Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow, snow everywhere...

My wife and I don't really disagree about that much...well not that often..and not really seriously (gulp) but when the snow falls we have our annual disagreement. When the snow falls British drivers are in the main hopeless. It generally falls every year and every year we have the same panic problems.

Now for fifteen years I lived in Germany. Most of this period I was either in Berlin or somewhere along the former inner German border. Some of the snowfalls that I witnessed were really serious and one had to use everything to just get home or get to work. I often worked shifts which meant that I had to drive through snow at all hours of day and night.

The snow that we get here is minimal. It sometimes gets up to a few inches but generally it is just a covering and yet it invariably sparks a crisis. The reason is that most of our drivers do not use their common sense and more importantly they never learn.

Time to upgrade the driving test and ensure that drivers use a skid patch. No excuses we live in the northern hemisphere and we should all know how to control a skid... even mummies on the school run!

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