Monday, 6 December 2010

They are not Tories....

Once again the Tories have reneged on an election pledge when Ken Clarke (a noted Europhile) has dropped the pledge to jail knife carriers. Once again a Tory pledge has been dropped but this time it has nothing to do with The Coalition.

What does it take at Tory grass roots level before they realise that their party has been usurped by David Cameron just as Tony Blair usurped the Labour party. Both major parties have been taken over by people who want to promote the European State which as I have continually blogged cannot be audited and therefore is illegal!

What does it take for the mainstream media to protect the interests of the British people? Why are they not exposing this calumny? What has happened to right wing politics in this country when it is left to the BNP to defend us? Where is the Tory party?

Sometimes I feel like General Custer! All around this blog are people attacking Britain and nobody seems to be reacting to the attack. We have Muslims, Socialists and Europhiles all on the same side and they are all wrecking our society and our country. We don't appear to have any politician on our side and that says so much about our politics.

Last night I viewed a docudrama presented by Jeremy Clarkson about the raid on St Nazaire in 1942. Currently we have the same bravery deployed to Afghanistan in a lost cause. These are the men that we need back here and that is probably why they have been despatched to the back of beyond.

If you view any of our newscasts they never tackle the European Union. That means that the mainstream media has been bought and paid for by the billionaires, the Rothschilds, the Russian Mafia, Rupert Murdoch et al. I fear democracy is dead in the water unless the people rise up and in order to do that perhaps we need Wikileaks.

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