Tuesday, 28 December 2010

What we would really like in the New Year!

There always appears to be a vast discrepancy between what the majority of the public want and what the politicians give us. On the run up to the last election David Cameron often mentioned or touched on issues which he must have realised would gain him a measure of popularity.

Of course he was only canvassing for votes and as he has proven he didn't really mean to cap immigration, hold a referendum on Europe, repeal the Human Rights Act, reform the fat cat Town Hall salaries or listen to the public!

So having listened to friends and family I would like our politicians to address the following issues.

1. Capital punishment to be returned for violent crimes.
2. Let the people vote on the question of the European Union.
3. Get rid of the Human Rights Act so that we can address our internal problems.
4. Stop throwing our money at countries like Somalia, Sudan and the Congo. Spend our money on the people who contribute it.
5. Punish the Criminal Class properly with suitable sentences in suitable drug free prisons.
6. Stop all immigration until we can sort out the question of who should live here and who should not.
7. Cap the salaries of Public Service employees.
8. Stop the senseless waste of lives in Afghanistan.
9. Make election pledges mandatory so that if it has been promised it must be delivered.
10.Ensure that Muslims follow the laws of the land.

I could of course continue but for the time being that will do. I do not know why the Political Class consistently refuse to even consider any of the above. Economically we would save billions which could be used to fund care for the elderly, student fees, hospitals and schools. We could also reduce our debt to manageable proportions without the Paying Class once again being forced to pay for the follies of the Political and Bonus Classes.


lyle said...

i think in number 5 you meant the political class, eh?

bryboy said...

Nice One Lyle! You are right of course because it could equally apply!