Monday, 27 December 2010

Predictions and Book Titles!

It is the season for predictions! So I predict England will retain the Ashes and I also predict that Derby County will not gain promotion. The only reason that I predict the latter is that I hope I will be wrong!

Shall I predict a little more? I think that David Miliband will reemerge to embarrass Red Ed. I don't think for one minute that this rivalry is dead. David has a lot of support within the party and he is too driven to let it lie. The socialists are also famed for their plotting and duplicitous behaviour. They love the intrigue, it is in their genes so I believe that David will emerge again.

I regret to say that I believe the Coalition will not survive. Personally I think we need it because the alternative is far too awful to contemplate. I cannot even conceive that NoLab, the old Labour Party or any other Labour party could ever get voted into government again but too many people depend on the state for their living.

Book titles? After receiving a book by Quentin Letts describing '50 people who buggered up Britain' I got to thinking about other book titles for the New Year. How about '200 hundred MPs who should be in jail', 'Five hundred champagne socialists'... number one Harriet Harman, number two Ed Balls, number you know who I am talking about!

How about 'Spot the Copper on the Street','Nurses who Patrol the Ward' or 'Judges/Magistrates who jail Criminals'? 'English footballers who could win the World Cup' (naw it would be too thin).

So there we have it. It is obvious that I have little faith in anything political. So let me donate the awards of the year.

The Political Class - Ken Clarke for insisting that he is a Conservative when he is a paid up member of everything socialist.

Award of merit (jointly) - David Cameron for abandoning all his elections promises and Nick Clegg for the same reasons.

The Bonus Class - Gawd all the Fat Cat Town Hall bosses who continually grab our Council Taxes and stuff them into their bank accounts and...the Bankers of course...but most of all the boss of Heathrow, Colin Matthews who is obviously useless.

The Criminal Class - so many rabid Muslims who continually escape arrest!

The Paying Class - all of us! Will we ever find a person who is courageous enough to lead us AND will we have the courage to support him/her. Are we prepared to step out of our front door to protest in support of our convictions? Do we care about the future of our grandchildren? Do we care enough?

Family Award - my daughter who lost her brother and supports us all!

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