Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Who represents us?

The Libdems were never destined for power. They never expected that they would be occupying ministerial limousines but they grabbed the opportunity and now they are paying the price. I suspect that for short term gain they will pay the price at the hustings.

Nobody will ever trust them again. Their activists are particularly aghast at the lack of trust which Clegg has demonstrated but then what about the Tory activists? David Cameron has suddenly dropped so many of the Tory policies and has abandoned all the Eurosceptic promises.

So what do we have on our political horizon? We have Labour who have been totally discredited by their abysmal economic performance which must never be repeated; we have LibDems who have sold their heritage down the river for a sniff of power and we have Tories who will not address the most desperate worries of their avid supporters.

To be honest none of them kept any promise. They were so dishonest that the whole General Election was a joke. Probably the only honest party were the BNP and we all knew what they stood for. The problem was that their leadership was so flawed that they had no chance of credibility. The same goes for UKIP who stand for a split from Europe but precious little else.

So what happens to the voter who wants the middle class, middle of the road, honest non racist decent citizen who pays taxes and has no preconceived aggravation towards anyone or anything? You know the normal, Caucasion, law abiding citizen who still make up (so far) the vast majority of the population.

The answer is that nobody cares about us. We pay for almost everything and yet we have no voice. I know that this is true because I hear it daily from all my friends and colleagues. I heard on my recent cruise, down my bowling club, through my British Legion membership and in my own living room.

We the payers, the people who puggy up (who cannot even rely upon a fair and honest tax system) have no voice in Parliament. None of the political parties represent us. Yes they represent all of the majority groupings like for example the Unions, the Students, the Bankers and the Businessmen but ...who represents us..the honest citizen?

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