Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Oh dear I am beginning to think that the Cameron/Clegg axis is being undermined by all concerned. The LibDems in particular are looking unfit for government. Time after time they are being caught out by the mainstream media in their desperate attempt to be taken seriously.

I make no bones about it that we in this country must become nationalistic if we are to save our way of life from an ever increasing attack from socialism. We must find a rallying point but it never happens. I can really understand that Nick Griffin (BNP) is not everybodies cup of tea but go to their website and see if you disagree with their policies.

One day the Stasi will come to your house and arrest you because your granddaughter has said that you swear at the telly everytime somebody like Gordon Brown smiles and tells you that you have never had it so good!

I am serious...our way of life is under attack. Our kids can no longer play freely on the streets! Criminals are routinely being allowed to reoffend. We have gangs of black youths shooting their enemies and anyone else who gets in the way.

If you had written a book in the nineteen fifties about the state of our nation today it would have been regarded as an unbelievably sick joke.

Muslims rioting in LUTON? The tubes in London being blown up? The kids not being able to play in the park without an adult present? The elderly starving to death in a hospital?

The mentally ill roaming the streets slashing throats? Thousands of eleven year olds who cannot read or write? Literally millions of foreigners occupying huge swathes of East London and English prisons? British companies non existant and foreigners in charge of Manchester United/Aston Villa/Chelsea or Fulham.?

It continues unabated and we do nothing. We accept it all because it cannot happen here. Our grandkids will never report us to the authorities! Yeah dream on!

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