Monday, 13 December 2010

Who did spend all the money?

For thirteen long, weary years we had a Labour governnment which called itself New Labour. When I began this blog I called them No Labour because none of their policies remotely resembled anything that could even ne termed 'socialist'. Under NoLab the weakest in society remained firmly entrenched at the bottom of the social ladder.

I was raised in a Socialist household and so I was weened on socialist principles. I immediately recognised that the public schoolboys/girls who led the NoLab party did not even recognise the aspirations of working class families like mine.

People like Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Harriet Harman, The Milliband brothers and Peter Mandelson have little idea why the socialist movement was born because they have never experienced deprivation. So they engineered a power grab and when they gained that power they had no idea what to do with it.

Well they had one idea so they spent money. They threw money at every problem but they didn't monitor what has happening to that money. They invented quangos, supported committees, funded trusts but because they didn't have a plan the money was wasted.

Now the same crowd of political chancers are criticising The Coalition for having to clear up their mess. None of them have ever admitted responsibility for the mess that they created but what is worse, so much worse, is that so many people still support them!

They have demonstrated that they are useless, corrupt and discredited. As a political grouping they should be hounded into obscurity and yet today Ed Milliband has the cheek to ask the LibDems to join NoLab. They clearly have no shame alongside no vision and no honesty.

What would it take for some people to realise that the financial crisis that exists is utterly down to incompetence and that The Coalition has no other course of action than to cut back on almost everything to repair the damage? I admit that, as I have repeatedly blogged, I would also stop our contribution to the EU and our Foreign Aid programme but then this is the Political Class at work. They are all far too free with our money.

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