Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Julian Assange

I really have no opinion about this young man. He is obviously either very brave or very foolish. How he comes about his information is questionable but just remember Gary McKinnon, the 'autistic' hacker managed to evade White House security to 'invade' their secret information. Ouch!

Now if Gary McKinnon can do it then who else is clever enough to do it? The Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians and obviously the Israelis?

Now Julian Assange has obviously given himself up and placed himself before the mercy of British Justice! Gulp! So far from what I read he has been incarcerated for a longer period in solitary confinement than any suspected terrorist. But then that is exactly what he is...he is terrorising governments.

Julian Assange is trying to break down barriers. The western governments have become all powerful and are desperate to maintain a secrecy about their nefarious activities. Anything to do with the European Union should be exposed because it is illegal. The Iraq war was illegal and the Afghan war was unnecessary. We must however be careful of Putin and the Russians and we must be extrememly wary of the Muslims.

I believe that Julian Assange is being set up. I have no proof just a gut feeling that he has upset all the departments of government who cover things up. The spinners will exact their revenge but is this really the beginning of a public revolution? Has Julian begun a long overdue revolt against The Political Class? Is he the man who I have been seeking ever since I began this Blog?

If so I will sleep well tonight and I salute Gemima Khan, Bianca Jagger and in particular JOHN PILGER. They are challenging the corrupt establishment and once one or two come forward they give courage to so many others. Viva la Revolution!

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