Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Apparently the Education Minister, Michael Gove, is tomorrow reintroducing testing for children. He also has other plans to challenge the education establishment which are long overdue.

Already the education battalions are drawing up their battle lines to maintain the very principles which have hindered the education of our children for far too long. Yesterday morning the BBC (who else) brought on an Executive Head Teacher (a what?) from an Inner City school to endorse the very principles of education which have ruined our kids. He is Sir William Atkinson and the web site of his school typically endorses all the NoLab rhetoric which is designed to keep poor kids poor.

Michael Gove has a hard road to plough but I look forward to my granddaughters being much better educated than their mother. I look forward to testing without parent input and I look forward to competitive sport. I look forward to the bright being acknowledged and the less bright being given a challenge. Aspiration must be reintroduced to the education system.

The lefties will howl with rage but I suspect that Michael Gove already knows that. Many people have positions to protect. Many should and I hope will be sacked but the important aspect of this change in policy will be that our kids will be given a much better education. An education free of political indoctrination.

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