Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Winter Wonderland!

How can we be so inept? How can our transport services be so inept? How can the Highways Services be so unprepared for an event that happens every year? How does Helsinki airport remain open every year and yet Gatwick cannot cope?

We are hopeless when faced with adversity. This is the nation which bred the Dunkirk and Blitz spirit and when a few inches of snow arrive on our doorstep everyone collapses. Now don't get me wrong my daughter and her family arrived back from Edinburgh last weekened and they have had real snow.

Further north it can be really difficult. For example in Northumbria they have had bucketfulls and nobody could criticise the shepherds and farmers trying to feed their livestock. That is real hardship.

But down here in the soft Midlands there is no real issue. We have had a few inches but conditions are easily overcome. OK it may get worse but at the moment nobody has an excuse for opting out of anything.

How the rail authorities excuse their performance or those responsible for gritting down south can explain why they have once again let the public down I do not know. It happens every year and every year the nation grinds to a halt!

No Airport should shut! No HGV driver should pull over and claim defeat until conditions become extreme. Obviously there comes a time when winter defeats us all but in this country it arrives far too early and far too conveniently.

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