Friday, 17 December 2010

Who is running this country?

I just don't understand who is running the country. I always thought that we elected people who formed governments that made the decisions which ran the country. Increasingly this is being distorted because I get the impression that the current Coalition are only allowed to make decisions which gain the approval of a higher power.

Today lawyers rejected a cap on Immigration proposed by the Home Secretary. Just who are these people who can overrule the Home Secretary that we elected. How many people voted for them and if nobody voted for them what has happened to democracy?

Our Prime Minister tells us that he is 'angry' that a failed Iraqi Kurd asylum seeker who cynically murdered a little girl and has a crime record as long as your arm has been allowed to stay in the UK. For goodness sake he is the Prime Minister...'anger' is not enough! He promised the little girl's father in a hand written letter that he would get rid of the piece of legislative crap called the Human Rights Act and replace with a British Bill of Rights.

He didn't do it so he has to bear the responsibility for the consequences. It is no good being 'angry' when things go awry. The Human Rights Act was spawned within the EU and hoisted on the British public by Tony Blair. We didn't get a vote on it so once again the democratic process was ignored.

I get the impression that The Political Class has dismissed democracy as antiquated which is hugely beneficial for the Criminal Class. Until we, the Paying Class, discover a way to reinstall democracy then we will have to put up with decisions which favour pieces of s**t like that Iraqui Kurd.

Personally I would have him flogged publically so that he could feel some of the pain that he caused the little girl's family!

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