Friday, 10 December 2010

When will we get energy prices linked to pensions?

Pensioners are being totally ripped off by government after government. The state pension, government pensions and almost every other pension are falling way behind inflation because the index which calculates pension inflation ignores the energy increases.

Can anyone believe that? The most vulnerable in our society are being penalised to save the government money. Last year I was informed that my local government pension would not be increased to match inflation because the index being used to calculate our inflation did not take into account the most obvious problems.

This is ridiculous! The energy companies are hellbent on maximising their profits and there seems to be nobody regulating their activities. The government really must, for the sake of pensioners, limit the profiteering of the energy companies. At the moment they seem to be able to crank up prices willy nilly and nobody questions their reasoning.

Petrol/diesel prices rise day after day, so do gas prices and electricity and yet nobody in government seems to have the power to limit these increases. Perhaps it is time to nationalise this resource and bring everything onto a level playing field. We cannot keep penalising the most vulnerable to subsidise the most greedy!

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