Thursday, 30 April 2009

Swine Flu!

Every now and then, usually when a government has problems, along comes a pandemic. They are created by governments who have a problem. We have heard it all before. You know I remember Asian Flu, Bird Flu, and all these other flu's which always seem to come along when governments need breathing space.

It is very interesting that the couple from Falkirk who apparently brought the disease into the country were seen tonight to be returning home. They had flu' they may even had a virulent strain of man 'flu but they are alive and well.

Come on! What is going on? It is yet another political scare to divert us from the reality that encompasses this country. We have been driven to believe that we are now on level FIVE and yet there are only what... 12 cases!? Shit! Man Flu is a serious issue, we really suffer but it is not yet a pandemic case!

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