Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Cowards or Opportunists?

They are now emerging from the shadows because they believe that the bogey man is under pressure. One by one they are sticking the knife into Gordon Brown. The Labour party who acquiesced to the bully boys who were employed by Gordon Brown are now turning on their leader because they believe that he has been weakened.

They allowed him to succeed Tony Blair unopposed because none of them had the guts to face his team of bully boys. Once one of them (Damien McBride) is exposed as a rogue they now believe that it is their right to break cover. These are the people who the traditional Labour supporters have supported and yet they have cowered in the background unable to represent their constituencies.

There are hundreds of MPs who have sat quietly in the background watching the mess that Gordon and his crew have made of this country and yet they have remained silent. They draw their salaries and of course their expenses and are rewarded for doing nothing. They are cowards and so when these nonentities apply for reelection just remember who they are and what 'Mugabe' Brown has done.

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