Friday, 3 April 2009

VMB's Election Poll

Yesterday saw another round of local by elections which is the only opportunity to gauge how the public are actually voting. I have consistently maintained that the BNP vote is much larger than the mainstream media want you to know about. Now those of you who have followed this poll will I am sure concede that if I was mistaken then after three months of recording the actual votes my error would be discovered.

Yesterday in the Temple Newsam Ward of Leeds MBC the BNP finished second to the Tories polling 1502 votes (23.6%) ahead of both Labour and the Lib Dems. This is a band wagon which could be gaining momentum. If the public begin to doubt the stories circulated by the three Westminster parties that the BNP are purely a bunch of racist bigots then support could grow.

Perhaps they are a group of racist bigots (they don't sound like it on their web site)but they are also the only party who will guarantee to keep us out of the European Union, who want to put British families first and who do not support the political madness which has invaded our society.

I will update the VMB Poll once I have done the arithmetic.

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