Thursday, 30 April 2009

Who is running the Country?

I watched the House of Commons TV channel this afternoon, in between visits to the World Snooker championships, how sad is that? Having said that it was an interesting debate because MPs were speaking who normally never get heard. It became quite clear that many of the MPs are extremely frustrated by the performance of the front bench NoLab members.

Speaker after speaker gave the impression that many of the MPs are frustrated at the antics of front bench spokespeople who were all, of course, absent from the proceedings. Where were they all? I get the feeling that this country is just lurching into oblivion.

NoLab MPs like Frank Field have complained that there is no programme of legislation. The public can see that the economy has been ruined because this government cannot divert from the New Labour Project by reigning back on government expenditure. The excesses of this government continue unabated even when we have a 'global' threat to our economy.

On and on it goes but there is a chink of light on the horizon. After 38000 people, more than ever before, demand the resignation of our PM 'Crash' Gordon, on a Downing Street Website, there is possibly a move by a former Cabinet Minister to challenge him. There is a rumour that a 'stalking horse' candidate is about to emerge. How long will it take them before they challenge the guy who has really no moral authority to run the country (so Badly).

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