Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Press and the BNP

For some time now the main stream media have ignored the BNP. You know the only party to oppose the policies emanating from Westminster. Today however, I notice that the tone is changing. For example in the NOTW the Deputy Political Editor has made up a column criticising the BNP for telling their activists to dress properly when they canvass. This is somehow construed as attempts being made to disguise the thuggish appearance of their supporters. Surely they have to do better to smear BNP supporters than this?

In the Mail on Sunday we have that much respected, supremely talented, Immigration Minister, Phil Woollas, you know the guy who has failed to put together any kind of coherent policy on Immigration but he does have an opinion on your vote. It goes like this...if you don't want to vote for me (who would) then...wait for Conservative!! Honestly he has a large article stating this as a valid policy.

I don't think that I have ever seen a better example of a Minister trying to protect the Westminster Political Class. I have always said that in modern times there is no difference between the three Westminster parties. Now according to Mr Woollass you can vote for who you want as long as it is a vote for us. Long live the Political Class!

He is confirming what the BNP website has reported. If they are any danger of losing out to a BNP candidate they are ganging together to protect their status. Anybody but the BNP and why would that be I ask myself? They are getting really twitchy because at the moment the BNP is strapped for cash and so they would find it difficult to financially support sufficient candidates to make a difference in a General Election.

The trouble is that the European Elections in June are run on the democratic lines of proportional representation. That means that the BNP will get seats according to the number of votes they receive. The Political Class know that if the BNP get just one Euro MP they qualify for big cash from Europe which could metaphorically put them on the map.

Now if the VMB election poll is even close to reality then they will get a lot more than one. I reckon the smear campaign that will be waged by the Political Class at Westminster on any BNP candidate will make Damien McBride's contribution to the Red Rag website seem very small beer. It will take courage to stand for democracy.

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