Saturday, 11 April 2009

The New Labour Project

This is getting worse! Everything that we Blogists have always suspected but hoped were not true are now being confirmed as actual. Where do we start? The people who apparently run the country are being exposed as being almost the worst bunch of gangsters that we have ever seen in the history of the country. They are almost making the Mafia look good.

The press are challenging them on all fronts to deny that they are cheats and liars. Tonight the people who support the Prime Minister have been outed as being worse than that. Their sick minds are inventing lies purely to keep Gordon Brown in power. What do we do about this?

We now have a government who the public know are incompetent. The problem is that many intelligent people are employed by the government. What can you do if you are told to, for example, double the count of the postal votes? You are a teller, a counter, someone who has a family and your whole family depend on your income. They are shameless... no it is worse than that... they will do anything to remain in power.

If we ever get an election just remember that these NoLab people will do anything to win. They will fiddle, fix and flannel and we all know it. When the time comes guard your ballot boxes folks because even your best friends may need the money to feed their families.

Just remember today, the Nolab Mafia are prepared to initiate a blog to smear their opponents so that they remain in power. They have miscalculated just one thing. We are not stupid! We know the Blogoshere and you people do not understand it. Long live the Internet!

PS They cannot smear the BNP! They have been smeared to hell and they are still polling well. That is your legacy 'Mugabe'.

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