Friday, 3 April 2009

Women in Parliament

Did you know that women first got the vote in 1928? I learned this recently and then I wondered what they had done with it? In this modern world we older, white heterosexual males are constantly reminded that we are out of touch with our feminine side, have no role to play in the upbringing of children and frankly the 'ladies' do not need us. We are the useless, superfluous, one dimentional generation who have nothing to contribute to modern society.

In our place we have the exalted female politicians. Do you remember the Blair Babes. The women who were going to change the world. Now just bear with me because I just wish to recall the women who made it. Now let me see... Jacqui Smith... Tessa Jowell... Harriet Harman... Hazel Blears... yeah OK you get my point.

So let me take this point one step further. Name me three female politicians who have made their mark in the past ninety years? I concede Margaret Thatcher!

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