Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Killed by the Police?

The Guardian has a video shot by a man from New York showing the moment when a member of our riot squad at the G20 protests struck an innocent man from behind (who had his hands in his pockets)propelling him violently to the ground. It was a cowardly and despicable attack from which the man never recovered.

As I suggested yesterday no police video has been presented but there were so many people around that this time they have serious questions to answer. It is very easy to claim police brutality but when it is obvious it must be addressed.

It is further evidence that the role of the police in this country has changed since NoLab came to power and that they no longer protect the public they protect the state. Their role is now akin to that of the Volkspolizei in the former German Democratic Republic. Once the police have been subverted then democracy is dead.

The police have already lied with their version of the aftermath of this incident. How they deal with the follow up will speak volumes for the state of the country. I believe that corruption is now endemic in this country. I hope they prove me wrong but then I won't hold my breath.

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